In the quiet, in the crowd

One thing I dislike about the darker evenings is that when you’re about to head out the door for an evening of pizza and vino and you want to take an outfit photo, flash is necessary.  I intensely dislike the use of flash photography.  So please excuse my slightly dazed ‘rabbit in headlights’ expression.  You will probably have rumbled by now that the main reason for this photo is to show off my new pride and joy, my Vivienne Westwood clutch.  To backtrack a bit, when I went to the Leamington Spa blog meet I was super inspired by the gorgeous Sophie’s story of how she saved for her Mulberry Bayswater and how amazing it felt to finally have one.  It made me realise that I want to own some nicer individual pieces and so I’ve started a little moneybox to get saving for a beautiful handbag or coat that’s a bit more than I’d normally spend.  I’ve also been saving some credits from Spartoo to spend out on this clutch and it feels so nice to own something I know I’ll treasure for years to come.

outfit post with skater skirt and platform boots
top, skirt and boots:
wallet/clutch: vivienne westwood via spartoo*
cardigan and necklace: primark

We had such a lovely evening last night with some friends from Weymouth (hi Laura if you’re reading this!) We went to Pizza Express in Christchurch and took advantages of their three courses for £12.95 weekend deal they have on.  It was ridiculously yummy but I felt so stuffed today that I felt the need to get out into the fresh air.  We went to Moors Valley Country Park which is about 20 minutes from us.  It was such a beautiful day today and it felt really good to get out into the sunshine.  I promised recently I’d share some more casual outfits so here is my outfit for stomping around the forest (I changed to boots in the end as I was scared of puddles!)

casual outfit post with shirt, chinos and vans
shirt: superdry | t-shirt: obey
chinos: jack wills | trainer: vans

I don’t know if it’s the change in season but I feel so much more at home in casual clothes at the moment.  Do you think I suit casual more?  I keep on reaching for jeans and chinos rather than dresses and tights and I am in love with my woolly hat!

A few months ago I bought a 50mm lens for my Canon (this one) and I’ve barely had the chance to try it out so I thought I’d take it to the forest today and give it a try.  I absolutely love it, especially for portraits.  Here are a few snaps of the day.

bodhi being carried over the big puddles – no muddy paws on our cream carpets please!

We had such a nice day and filled the rest of the day with making pea soup for lunch and settling down for a film on the sofa (Page Eight – it was average).  Now getting ready for X Factor, pajamas and lots of peppermint tea.  Hope you’ve all had wonderful days and that there was sunshine where you are…