Cosy clothes wishlist

If you have been reading my blog for a little while you will know that the type of leisure activities that really hold my heart are often those associated with Autumn and Winter… roast dinners in a country pub with a roaring log fire, evenings curled up on the sofa with a good book, walking the dog in the forest (and kicking the leaves), baking up a storm and mulling wine or crafting away an afternoon making handmade Christmas presents.  You may also remember my recent ‘buy less, buy better’ resolution, which, since it only came into force about a month ago, means I don’t really have that many cosy clothes for embracing the colder seasons.   My weekend uniform at the moment seems to consist of boots, thick socks, jeans, a hoodie and my favourite Joules gilet (you can tell I’m a country girl at heart!) and I’ve been hunting around for similar cosy attire for some end of the month splurges and adding to my (growing) Christmas list.  Here are my favourites so far….

1. Fat Face hoodie | 2. Jack Wills hoodie | 3. Fat Face pajama bottoms
4. Jack Wills lounge leggings | 5. Fat Face cardigan | 6. Soul Cal jumper

I am particularly enamoured with the Jack Wills hoodie but despite my attempts to spend more on quality, single items I still don’t know if I could bring myself to spend the best part of £90 (well, 50p short of!) on a hoodie.  The leggings on the bottom left however are a must purchase, I have a blue pair with anchors on that I bought in their sale last year that have been worn so much they are coming to holes and desperately need replacing!

My new resolution means that my Christmas list is going to be considerably shorter this year as, rather than hoping for lots of smaller, cheaper items, I want to ask for just a few that I know I’ll treasure.  I apologise in advance as I know that references to Christmas seem to be creeping into my blog a lot and it’s still only October, I just absolutely adore Christmas! I’ll try and keep a lid on it until at least next month!

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