When the fall comes marching in

I haven’t posted an outfit on here for a little while so I thought I’d share with you this little ensemble that I recently wore for a jaunt to my favourite pub for lasagne and cider.  It was a bit cooler that day and I must admit I got quite excited at the thought of putting on my favourite cardigan and some little boots and venturing out to a pub in the forest.  I hadn’t realised quite how much I loved Autumn but in this washout of a summer I’ve been dreaming of the leaves turning brown and being able to throw on coats and go trudging in the woods and then home for movies and big mugs of hot chocolate.

I left the second of these photos in as it made me laugh; Tom took the photos and he caught me mid ‘jujj’ of my hair! (Talking of my hair, the Inspector Clouseau’s among you will notice I took these photos before I fixed my roots on Monday!)  I’ve been avoiding straightening it recently but my hair is naturally in that weird stage between straight and wavy so it needs a good funk up every now and then.

cardigan: vero moda |  shirt: zara
jeans: new look | boots: spartoo*

I seem to be getting a bit addicted to low wedge boots at the moment.  I like it that you have that little bit of extra height but they’re still comfortable to walk in.  These ones are like desert boots but with a wedge; I never thought I’d own a pair of desert boot-esque shoes but I think I’m going to get loads of wear out of these when Autumn does eventually roll around.  I am imagining them with some thick tights, a cute dress and a big cosy cardigan.  I am actually getting carried away thinking about Autumn fashion! I have always been more one for leggings and boots than bare legs and sandals.

This is actually a scheduled post as when this goes up I’ll be at End of the Road festival drinking mulled cider and dancing to folk bands on hay bales.  But I’ll be back on Monday to judge the winner of my Fat Face goodie bag giveaway… and probably have a good soak in the bath! Hope you’re all having lovely weekends wherever you are.