Blogger takeover | Sarah’s favourite shoes

I’m holding what I’m calling a ‘blogger takeover’ here on the ol’ blog until the 24th when I fly back from sunny (please let it be sunny) Florida, and here to drop in and keep it ticking over whilst I’m gone today is the wonderful Sarah from A Million Dresses.  Sarah is an absolute diamond and I like to try and distract her from her working day by sending her long rambly emails or messages on Twitter.  When I asked a few ladies to guest post I had some suggestions for posts and I knew Sarah would choose to write about her favourite shoes; she has an enviable collection!  Over to you Sarah…

Hello, Sarah from a million dresses here, filling in a bit of time til the lovely Rosie gets back from her holidays… not at all jealous. Much!  

Rosie asked me to share my favourite shoes with you all, those who already know me know I have a slight dress addiction but you might not know that is closely followed by a shoe addiction.  Maybe I should just call it a shopping addiction and be done with it?!

It turns out my favourite pairs of shoes are red.  I don’t really wear much red but there is something about a cute pair of red shoes that makes me go a bit weak at the knees.  Maybe it was instilled in me from an early age watching after watching the wizard of oz.  I mean who didn’t want a pair of Dorothy shoes?!  Talking of Dorothy shoes brings me nicely onto my first favourite pair.  I have two favourites you see, an old favourite and my current favourite.  These sparkly beauties are from Topshop circa 2008 and have seen many a dance floor and will no doubt see many more.  They always make me feel really special and get a lot of admiring glances as they sparkle under the glitterball.  Aren’t they just darling?! 

My current favourite shoes are these adorable stripy red bow court shoes from Spartoo.   They are by a brand called Lola Ramona who make tonnes of cute, playful shoes.  I may or may not have bought several new outfits just to go with these shoes, I just want to wear them ALL the time.  These little cuties have had people come running up to me in the street gushing over them and wanting to know where they can get a pair.  They are now sold out but that makes them extra special, right?! 

Do you like me plan outfits around your favourite shoes? Share your favourite shoes with Rosie & I.

— Sarah