Shoegazing | Picks under £25

Ever since my posts about changing my shopping habits to ‘buy less and buy better’, I’ve started to think a bit more about cost per wear and buying things that will complement my wardrobe and be worn again and again.  I’ve had a bit of a spate of buying beautiful high heels recently but the truth is that I go out once in a blue moon at the moment so the likelihood is they’ll spend most of their life looking wonderful at the back of the cupboard.

As I’m off to Florida next month I wanted to get some comfy shoes that would look cute with skinny jeans or jean shorts for walking around Theme Parks and shopping malls in.  I found these by Art Of Soule and fell in love with them; I’d never heard of the brand before but they have loads of nice Toms-esque slip ons and espadrilles.

*Spartoo – £30.60

Here are some more shoes I’ve been eyeing up for potential pre-holiday purchases.  I’m trying to save my money so I can splurge it on burgers and Junior Mints when I’m out there so they’re all under £25.

1. Rocket Dog ballerinas – £24.80

2. Art of Soule espadrilles – £23.20

3. Moony Mood sandals – £15.60

4. Rocket Dog ballerinas – £17.99

5. Elite Models’ Catalina ballerinas – £17.60

6. Little Marcel Espadrille – £18.20