How to lead a better life

Almost a month ago I wrote a blog post called ‘My three new life rules‘, which were;

1. Give other people, and myself, a break more often.
2. Buy less clothes, but when I do, buy better quality clothes.
3. Eat better.

I’m pleased to say that I am still working really hard at these.  The difference to my life that number two has made already is significant; last month I bought a pair of trousers, a cardigan and a skirt from Anthropologie (admittedly they were in the sale), and instead of splurging in Primark, H&M and other online retailers on top of that I just enjoyed having three new, quality items of clothing and thought about how and where to wear them rather than letting them disappear into the recesses of my wardrobe. Admittedly I still picked up a couple of other bits throughout the month but I made sure I really thought about the opportunities I’d have to wear them and how many times I could do that before they fell apart.  Something Sammy said in her comment on the post has turned into something I now live by when shopping – when you pick up an item in Primark and it’s a bargain because it’s only, say £10 – would you buy it if it was £30? Or £50? If not, why buy it? Buying things just because they’re cheap is never a good reason to buy something!  Becky at Life Style Flash summed it up much better than I ever could – ‘Buy less, buy better’.  And whilst I’m using that phrase, how about number 3 turns into ‘Eat less, eat better’ – simplest and most successful diet out there!

Number 1 has been hardest I must admit.  When you’re in the heat of an argument, or something happens that winds you up it is so difficult to snap out of how you feel at that time and tell yourself that it won’t matter in a week’s time, or that the person winding you up is only human and hasn’t done it intentionally to make you angry.  I am vowing to do better at this because I know it will make a real difference to my life, but I also know it will take time, and work.

What I wanted to write about today however, was your life rules or wise words – the things you do to live a happy life.  I was overwhelmed by the thought and wisdom that you put into your comments on my post.  I absolutely loved finding out the mantras that other people live by and trying to use them to make my life better too.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I did.  Here are a few select excerpts…

“Someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to – I find that the times when I am stressed or grumpy is when one of those is out of place” – Skin and Blister

Money doesn’t make you happy. I was happy to be paid half the amount I earned in my teaching job to work for a charity whose ethics and objectives I LOVE!” – Sunny Sweet Pea

Personally, I really try to be thankful and appreciative of the people around me, acknowledging their contributions in my life. Sometimes I think we can forget to do this and assume that people know that we love and appreciate them.” – Amy Elizabeth 

I think we spend a lot of time reflecting negatively on things or situations, and that we should try and look on the bright side more. ” – Farewell to the Fairground

“Although it is brilliant to be driven and to have goals it is also important to reflect, to stop and smell the roses and to appreciate the wonderful people and things already surrounding us already!” – Beautiful Clutter

“My three life rules – 
1. Treat others as you’d like to be treated.  
2. Come to the table with a solution, not a problem.  
3. Manners cost nothing.” – Chloe Likes to Talk

“Have fun.  And don’t sweat the small stuff.” – Mini Adventures

“Make your own rules, be yourself and always be thankful for those in your life.” – emma kathleen

“Nothing will work unless you do” – Ever So Juliet

“My three life rules – 
1. Remembering to think “Will this matter a year from now?”
2. Do as you would be done by. 
3. The quality remains long after the price is forgotten.” – Oh So Vintage

One ‘rule’ I’ve found helpful is ‘Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good’. In the past I’ve found it very easy to give up on things, or not try things to begin with, as I knew they wouldn’t be perfect, but as Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project says, “it’s better to get something done imperfectly than to do nothing perfectly.” So now I just have a go and enjoy the process! – The Gingerbread

You can only try and be the best version of yourself ‘Lucy’ (or Cath, or Brian) that you can be.  To me it means not to measure myself against others (their clothes, their relationships, their completed to-do lists) but against what I have done for myself.” – Offally Good

The rule I’m trying to live by is this: ‘Life is too short to be anything but happy.’  Just do what makes you smile and remember that the best things in life are usually free!” – The Life Wardrobe

Thank you so much to those who commented.  I’d like to find a way to make this a regular feature if people are interested in reading posts like this?