And the moon already fell into the sea

I was on call this weekend, which, as you’ve all heard me mention about a million times before, means I stay at home and take press calls and write press releases about incidents the organisation I work for has been been involved in.  This weekend was particularly busy so I didn’t get to see much of the sunshine, but it’s my last weekend of being on call before I move to my new job next month so I didn’t mind too much.

We’re really lucky that we have a garden however, so I did grab half an hour to appreciate all the things going on out there.  You might remember that a few months we had a bit of a garden overhaul and planted lots of new things and I find it really exciting (I’m a geek, I know) to see things springing up.  I particularly love the mallow, which I started with some seeds on the bedroom windowsill and now seems to be taking over one corner of our garden. 

I’m not sure what the above two flowers are, they’re from a collection of plugs I bought that were on sale online.

We’ve been growing lots of vegetables in raised beds this year.  This beetroot looks about ready to be plucked out, and here’s our onions waiting to be eaten…

I had been hankering for steak ever since I saw Gem’s amazing recipe for the perfect steak sandwich so we had that for dinner in the garden with new potato and lemon kebabs. 

I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend and managed to make the most of it.  Keeping my fingers crossed it stays all week!