A lucky birthday

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago now but I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on what a lovely day it was and how I was spoilt by wonderful cards, presents and company.  I was so touched that Bee, Sophie, Jem and Chloe sent me things in the post, it’s such a reminder of how privileged I am to have made so many amazing friends through blogging.  Without wanting to put a negative slant on it it’s weird to think that there’s people who were once in my closest circle of ‘real life’ friends who forgot the day or who I didn’t hear from and yet people who I predominantly speak to on the internet took the time to send me such thoughtful cards and gifts.  Just wish all you blogging ladies were a bit closer so we could actually celebrate with real life tea and cake!

My Mum (and others, without having planned it!) did a sort of ‘seaside’ theme with my gifts this year, which was lovely as you will all know by know what a lover I am of all things nautical! Fleur bought me some gorgeous East of India goodies (two wooden beach huts and a wooden life ring, along with a vintage sign), the chunky ring is from Tom and the seagull and bunting mug is from my Mum.

My Mum handmade a few of my presents this year, including a cushion in nautical fabric and this sign she made from her beachcombing finds above (she has also featured it on her blog here).  It now hangs with pride above our door in the living room.  It’s so lovely to receive handmade gifts.

Beach hut beach towel from my Mum again and swallow print scarf from Tom’s sister.  Tom bought me the Twin Peaks definitive box set which is very exciting for me as I’ve never seen the second series.  Are there any other Twin Peaks fans out there?  I absolutely love it.  In the middle at the bottom is a Kindle case from Tom’s parents; a brilliant gift as I was previously lugging my Kindle around in a jiffy bag as protection! My Mum also bought me the Jack Wills Cavalry Twill eau de toilette after we both loved it when we visited Kilver Court.  I think it’s actually for men but never mind!

Chloe sent me a gorgeous scarf, bracelet and nail varnish in the post which was such a lovely surprise.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that on the day of my birthday my parents’ came round and we went for a long walk in the forest with Bodhi as well as an amazing pub lunch at my favourite New Forest pub.  My Mum had baked me a yummy chocolate cake (with an anchor on, obviously!) and we had tea and cake before watching some Twin Peaks… basically my perfect day!

On the Saturday after (last Saturday) my friends Fleur and Nicole came round and we went to Pizza Express for dinner, watched a band at a little pub in Christchurch and then came back to mine for PJs, popcorn and Def Jam Rapstar (rap karaoke).  Another perfect birthday celebration!

Dog walk on birthday day | Anchor cake
Me and three spoons for the cheesecake | Birthday cheesecake at Pizza Express

All in all it was a lovely few days and I feel very spoilt and lucky to have such thoughtful friends and family.