Living with bigger boobs | Panache Tango bra review

I can’t say I’ve ever really been 100% comfortable with having bigger boobs. When I was in senior school the boys used to call me flat chested, and then even when they started growing they wouldn’t believe I wasn’t ‘stuffing my bra’ (did anyone actually do that?!) Then, they didn’t stop growing. I remember being an awkward 15-year-old, cringing as I was measured in Marks and Spencers, with my Mum desperate to make things better by finding me a bra that was befitting of a teenager and didn’t have a wide strap at the back and three big ol’ rows of hooks.  I was so jealous of friends that could get away with not wearing bras; who didn’t have to worry about huge, uncomfortable strapless bras at proms and parties and who could wear ‘strappy tops’ and not feel exposed or uncomfortable.  I’ve never grown out of being that person envious of friends who can buy bikinis for £3 from Primark or H&M or wear lighter fabrics or tops with pretty detailing that skim over smaller chests.  Despite being measured all those years ago, for a long time I fought the fact that I was bigger than the sizing stocked in high street shops and used to buy bigger back sizes than I was to make the cup bigger, or buy bikinis in plus sizes (bikini tops in size 20s and then the bottoms in size 12, ridiculous!).  I had bras that were anything from 32DD to 36C and everything in between.  Then, a few years ago, I was in Brighton with my Mum and decided to get measured in Bravissimo.  They told me I was actually a 30F, and it really was life-changing seeing the difference in the way bras looked and felt now I’d found my real size.  That’s also when I first noticed Panache, who, along with Bravissimo, are also stocked at, ASOSAmazon and a whole host of other retailers.  Most of their bras are around the £25 mark (though I must admit I’ve snapped up several of mine in the ASOS sale) and for me, the fit is absolutely amazing.  Best British Bloggers got in touch with me a while back to ask if I wanted to review one of their bras or bikinis and kindly sent me the Tango Plunge bra in raspberry and matching briefs.

I was a bit embarrassed to show my face in an underwear photo so what I’ve done is Photoshop another model’s face onto this photo of me wearing the bra.  Lols, or not….

I actually would have loved to have been able to show you a photo of me wearing this bra, but, I’ve never kept my blog a secret from friends, family, people at work and other people who know me and some of them I’m just not completely comfortable with seeing me in my smalls.  You’ll just have to trust me I’m afraid that it fits like an absolute dream and is now one of the best bras I own – the colour is gorgeous too (and the best bit? Only two rows of hooks!)  

Of all the fashion tips I’ve picked up in life, one that has definitely stayed with me is that good underwear makes a huge difference.  Although I’ve spent my life resenting my bigger bust I know just as many girls who would like smaller boobs as would love to have F cup boobs (and one friend who has recently paid a significant amount of money to have exactly that!) and I’ve learnt over time that it’s not about wishing you had something different but about making the most of, maximising, and being comfortable with what you’ve got.