Easy like Sunday morning

First of all, I’m sorry for being a bit whinge-y in my last post.  I really dislike anything negative being on this blog but at the same time I feel that this blog is a place for me to be myself and I don’t see the point in pretending that life is rosy all the time (excuse the pun) – sometimes you go on holiday and it rains all the time and you don’t end up getting out and about as much as you’d like.  C’est la vie.  I think you all know by now that I am a great advocate of making time to loll on the sofa with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate but I am also a lover of adventures and really making the most of your free time.  It pains me that I have to cram all the fun stuff into the weekends (and evenings) so I actually rarely spend time doing nothing.  With this in mind, and the fact that most of last week was spent with my head in gossip magazines or enduring daytime TV, I decided to try and make the most of my final day off before going back to work (and enjoy the sunshine!)

We started the day bright and early by going along to a car boot sale in New Milton. Unfortunately it was 90% total rubbish and we left with only a handful of DVDs.  I am convinced that eBay has ruined car boot sales; honestly most of what was there I would have put straight in the bin.  Car boot sales are what Primark is to a lot of people I think; you see bloggers and friends finding absolute gems there but when you look it’s nothing but old rubbish.

We then decided to go on to Highcliffe to walk the dog along the beach.  I should probably say now that my outfit was an outfit for a car boot sale, not for being photographed in so I apologise for my clashing upper half (actually, I don’t, it’s my blog, so yaboo shucks clashing colours haters).  This is our nearest beach and is only a couple of miles down the road, I think we’re so lucky to live so near the sea.

We then decided to get breakfast at the cafe on the beach but sadly Bodhi had other ideas about staying in the boot of my car (my boot has a special dog friendly clip cover that means you can section it off from the car) and escaped through the cover and into the main bit of the car, jumping all over the leather seats and setting the alarm off.  So we dropped our naughty puppy off back home and headed to Cheese and Alfie’s in Christchurch which was a better plan anyway as they do the best breakfasts evurrrrr.

I had eggs florentine with a hot chocolate with a flake and maltesers.  Double yum.

The project for this afternoon was to paint the living room.  I’d seen a feature on a lady’s house in Mollie Makes magazine and fell in love with her green living room, which seemed to go with every colour.  As we have lots of colourful cushions and accessories I’ve been pondering which colour would bring the room together for ages and after a lot of tester pots we chose this sea green.  It’s only had one coat so far but I love it already.

I am not, however, a lover of paint fumes so I had a few candles burning away whilst we painted.  I was recently sent two candles to try by the lovely Maryann at One Stop Pamper Shop and I just adore both.  The peony container candle (£3.50) is so relaxing, fresh and floral and the Rockin With the Stars candle smells like bubblegum and candy floss – I haven’t even lit it yet and it’s already made the craft room smell amazing (it smells a lot like Lush’s Snow Fairy scent – divine!)  The best thing about these candles is that they are really highly scented and give off such a strong smell when burning (and not burning!) which I love as there’s nothing worse than buying a candle which loses its scent after the first few minutes of being lit.  I’ve ordered from One Stop Pamper Shop before and loved all their bits and I already have a growing wishlist for my next order; chocolate fluff candle anyone?

This evening will be spent watching our new car boot sale DVDs; I also had a craving for pancakes earlier so picked up some pancake mix – I then noticed we have strawberries and raspberries in the fridge so I’m currently dreaming of pancakes stuffed with berries, with raspberry coulis on top and dusted with icing sugar… *dribbles*.  How did you spend your Sunday?