Dot my i’s with eyebrow pencils

Shirt: ebay | Shorts: Zara | Wedges: H&M

Bodhi’s blogger pose
Collar: Pets at Home 🙂

I haven’t posted an outfit post for a little while so I thought I’d do a cheeky 2-in-1 today just in case the absence of them made you think I’d been walking around not wearing any clothes.  My other half was away with work last week so I didn’t have anyone to take photos for me and I’ve tried taking them with a tripod before and never really managed it; kudos to anyone who does that!

I wore this last night as we were going out to the pub to soak up the sunshine and have a glass of wine.  In the end we decided to ride our bikes so I didn’t wear the wedges, and then we didn’t even made it to the pub as we took a ‘shortcut’ through a cornfield and then the final leg of the ‘shortcut’ was overgrown with stinging nettles and after being stung, eaten by bugs, whipped by leaves of corn and having to carry my bike have my bike carried over stiles and bridges I threw a girl strop and demanded we abandon the trip and go back home! Instead we ended up watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony in bed – I actually really enjoyed it and it got me quite excited about the Olympics whereas I wasn’t before I watched that.  Will you be watching it? I think I might tune into some of the athletics and gymnastics; might keep me motivated with my running!

This morning we got up early to go swimming.  I joined the gym a couple of months ago so that I could start swimming a bit more regularly but my two-hour commute and lots of other events and responsibilities have meant I just haven’t had the time to go.  I’ve been running every day this week except for on my rest day and I thought it would be good for my sore legs to do something different but sadly we got all the way there (it’s about 20 minutes away) and the pool was shut for a 50+ class! Sigh. So I went out for another run instead.  I’m finding it harder than when I started now as my legs feel so much more tired!

I wore the outfit below to go for lunch this afternoon.  We tried a pub we haven’t been to before that’s only about a mile from us and it was actually really nice.  I had steak and chips with garlic butter and it was amazing!

Shirt: New Look | Playsuit: Natura (bought on holiday)
Sandals: Primark 

I don’t think I have any more exciting news to share with you all; this evening my plan is to watch Finding Nemo on the sofa and catch up on The Bachelor and tomorrow I’m going out for an early birthday (it’s on August 7th!) lunch with some good friends.  I am also doing some extra on-call for the Olympics so keeping my fingers crossed my pager stays nice and quiet and this weekend is a relaxing one.  What are you all up to?