Take the plan, spin it sideways

I quite often post outfits to show off one item I’ve bought, usually snapped in my bedroom or the garden before I add the obligatory cardigan, coat and bag (or umbrella/kagoul/all in one anti-rain suit in this weather), but since I wore something new to work today I thought I’d show you it as I wore it for a change.  I do love blogs like Jen’s where you can see the whole outfit as it was worn, so I thought it would be nice to do the same for today’s post.  Do you prefer outfit posts like this or are you more of a ‘Just show me the dress!’ type?  Thinking about it, I probably should have taken these photos at the beginning of the day before my make-up had rubbed off and my dress had experienced the crinkle-inducing routine of sitting in a car for two hours and sitting in an office for eight but considering this morning I managed to sleep in by half an hour and then knock an entire mug of tea over my dressing table I was not quite compus mentis enough to consider posing.  Also can I just add that I am still getting used to my fringe and cannot seem to make it look as nice as when it was originally cut.  In this photo it is positively verging on lego-esque!

Oh, and by the way, you can get 20% off this dress and other lovely things at sheinside.com by using the code Rosie20 until June 30!

dress: sheinside.com £20 | blazer and brogues: new look
satchel: H&M  | necklace: primark
some goofball

Can I just say, right now, that this weather is frankly not on.  Who do I complain to?  As you can see from the photos, I gave in and wore thick black tights to work today.  This, coupled with having to put the heating back on, is making me feel very grumpy about the fact that October seems to have descended on us when it is supposed to be June.  JUNE goddamit.  The weather is also responsible for the first photo being slightly blurry as I find it almost impossible to take outfit photos when it’s so dark and grey outside, especially since my poor Panasonic camera has gone to camera heaven.  I mentioned in a previous post that the weather really affects my mood and it has made me feel rather glum being sat in the office or at home watching torrential rain fall outside.  It makes me want to retreat back into hibernation and hide in bed in my fleece-y pajamas with a stack of magazines and a mug of hot chocolate.  But that seems distinctly unfair to my collection of new summer-y dresses that are hanging, gathering dust in the wardrobe.  They are going to be so cross when they finally get released for what will probably be our week-long summer.  Le sigh.

In other news, I bought a car on Saturday! How exciting is that? It’s a sporty little Volvo C30 and I cannot wait to nip around it and no longer have to endure my 50 mile daily commute in the Clio, which, whilst it will always have a special place in my heart, is now a little bit past its best.  I am excited for the small things, like having electric windows and a passenger door that’s fitted properly.  Huzzah!