Rainy Sundays and James Bond style

One of my favourite Sunday afternoon activities when it’s raining and cold outside, is to curl up on the sofa under a blanket, preferably with hot chocolate, a big bag of Maltesers and a good movie.  This activity is usually reserved for the winter months, but thanks to the terrible weather this is exactly the plan for this afternoon.  Our BT Vision box is well stocked with films that were released around 5-10 years ago so there is a high chance that this afternoon will involve a James Bond film, mainly because James Bond films are perfect for wiling away rainy afternoons (schedulers know this, that’s why they always put them on at Christmas), but also because it’s one of the few film series’ Tom and I both agree on and enjoy!

However, it’s easy to feel slightly slovenly and inadequate hiding under a blanket whilst watching Bond girls emerge from the sea or float around in gorgeous cocktail dresses.  Despite never having set foot in a casino I adore all the scenes in Bond films where swarthy James Bonds or an immaculate femme fatales play in a casino (casinos feature in almost all of them).  My vision of casinos, being entirely based on Bond movies, is of delicately gripped Martinis, men in sharp suits and women dripping with diamonds in backless dresses.  Anyone who has been in a casino, you’ll have to let me know if this is really the case 😉  With this in mind I’ve made a little wishlist of dresses should Daniel Craig ever invite me to be part of a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament in Montenegro…

Casino style

How will you be spending your Sunday afternoon?

*This post was written in collaboration