My favourite corners | Fashion for Home

When we bought our house just over a year ago, decorating wasn’t something we took on for fun, it was utterly unavoidable.  The only reason we were able to afford a three bedroom house in the area we were looking at was to buy something that needed a complete aesthetic overhaul.  Although there have been times when, after a long day at work, the thought of picking up a paintbrush or building furniture has been far from wished for, we are lucky in that it has meant we’ve been able to put our own stamp on the whole house (or the bits we’ve been able to do so far) and really have a vision of how we wanted things to look rather than living in a house full of someone else’s tastes and designs.

My tastes in interior design are cosy but contemporary – modern with splashes of vintage and often, white walls with soft furnishings adding a splash of colour.  Because we live near the sea I also love anything vaguely nautical and I’ve tried to keep the seaside theme throughout the house.

Odd as it sounds, I’ve always had a thing about ‘corners’ in houses.  I think because I am a real homebody who loves comfort and cosiness I love nothing better than a snug little corner to curl up in with a good book.  I love houses with secluded corners with bookshelves and a comfy chair with a blanket thrown over the top of it.  With this in mind, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite corners of my house.

A few weeks ago, Fashion for Home contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in featuring their website and reviewing a product on my blog.  I hadn’t heard of their website before but I found myself instantly bookmarking several of their gorgeous pieces of furniture and home accessories.  When searching out new bits for the house I find myself always turning to Ikea due to their affordability but it can be rather off-putting when you visit a friend’s house and they have all the same furniture as you! The thing I like about Fashion for Home is they have lots of unique, designer-esque items but with extremely reasonable price-tags.  I’m not just saying that because they, very, very generously sent me the gorgeous lounge chair in the first photo – I’ll definitely be buying from them in the future. (Plus the chair came within days of my ordering it – great customer service).

Their maitai lounge chair [£119] looks lovely in the corner of the living room and has had lots of admiring gazes (and bums!) from visitors.  Nestled under a much loved Ikea hanging light it’s the perfect place to perch whilst watching TV or reading.

Here are some more of my favourite corners in the house…

In the craft room my favourite books are lined up next to vintage cameras, fairy lights and some of my favourite art prints.

A corner of the living room houses vintage suitcases and (a new addition), an antique printer’s tray, soon to be filled with trinkets and treasures!

One thing we don’t have in this house in abundance unfortunately is storage.  I’d love a big dresser or sideboard to store things in as currently there’s lots of things tucked away in suitcases and boxes that are tricky to get to.  I’ve been looking at Indian furniture as there’s some beautiful ornate wood furniture around in stains that would look perfect in this corner!

I love the wallpaper in the spare bedroom and it took a long time to find the perfect lamp to fit the colour scheme!

Finally, another corner of the living room, and one that is currently hosting Tom’s birthday cards! I love black and white photography and we have snaps of all of our loved ones in this frame.  Also lots of DVDs on the bookshelf and – of course – a throw draped over a comfy chair!

Do you have any favourite corners in your house?