Down dust and pine cone tracks

I have always felt quite influenced by the weather – is anyone else like this? Last weekend I was full of the joy of summer; bare feet on the beach, shorts and little brown legs, windows down in the van and summer-y music blasting out, barbecues, cold cider, floaty dresses.  The weekend felt like it lasted forever! This weekend has just  been the antithesis of that.  We excitedly loaded up the campervan on Saturday morning for a little camping trip into the forest; blankets, barbecue food, cards, candles, local ciders and iPod and speakers.  When we, and our friends, arrived, all was well – the sun was out and Bodhi was happily running around in the sunshine.  Then the rain came.  Really heavy rain that seeped into the awning and made the burgers soggy.  We had to don raincoats for sprints to the toilet blocks.  My shoes and my jeans were wet. The dog was wet! Even though we were booked in for two nights, we came home.

Because we’d sort of ‘won back’ a day at home at the weekend, yesterday I tried to tackle a job that I’d been meaning to do for ages and launched myself into a ‘big wardrobe sortout’.  Unfortunately my clothes stretch further than just the wardrobe – stacked up in huge Ikea bags in the conservatory, under our bed, in a huge wicker chest, in a chest of drawers, and lots of other hideaways.  So I yanked it all out and then instantly regretted doing it, and now we have a house full of piles of clothes! The wardrobe looks all neat and tidy now so I’m determined not to have to pile loads back into it but I find it really difficult to part with clothes I like, even when I haven’t worn them for yonks.  Plus I end up doing that thing where you excitedly find something you’d forgotten about, and then more and more things end up sneaking their way back into the wardrobe!

Taking that last photo was quite a trial as my pride and joy, my Panasonic bridge camera, got wet yesterday and now the screen flickers on and off and it won’t focus properly.  I’ve notified our insurance company but this is going to mean I spend the next few weeks getting to grips with my Canon 350D SLR again, which had long been cast into the back of the cupboard due to how heavy and clunky it is; plus it’s so much easier having a camera that means you don’t have to lug around a load of lenses! I was so upset when my camera stopped working – it made me feel terrible that I’m so dependent on a material object but I get so much happiness from photography and it’s quite an integral part of my blogging, which, sadly (?!) has become a massive part of my life! I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog over the last few days (see, the rain and grotty weather is getting to me!) I hope you guys still enjoy all the bits I post up here.  I know there are more outfit posts than there ever used to be but I really am enjoying putting together and snapping outfits alongside all the other lifestyle-y posts and I’ve always felt that a blog should just be an extension of the person you are and the things you want to write about.  I just hope that that’s also what you want to read!

Talking of blog reading, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite reads at the moment.  Longest Acres is becoming one of my absolute favourites – the blog of a lady who used to work at Facebook and live in San Francisco, and then sold everything with her partner and bought a farm on top of a mountain in Vermont.  Her blog is full of beautiful photography and tales of (for me) a very envy inducing life! Other loves at the moment are Mel at Marmalade for her impeccable style and gorgeous outfits, Lily Bee – more lovely outfits and beautiful photography and Life in the Wendy House for adventures, clothes and more lovely photos (right up my street!).  I love finding new blogs to read so please do leave yours, and your favourites, in the comment box.

Have you had rain where you are this weekend? Does it dampen your mood or do you take the opportunity to have a lazy day indoors?