Upon your mouth, a riddle

Last week was a super busy week at work, with madly rushing to finish my final Certificate in Management assignment (handed it in on Friday and treated myself to a large glass of wine to celebrate!) along with covering as Press Officer during some big incidents, so I sighed a big sigh of relief when the weekend rolled around.  I probably could have done with some time lolling in my pajamas watching TV box sets but I’d decided that this weekend would be the start of ‘the big garden project’ so I was up at 8.30 on Saturday watching two tonnes of gravel be delivered onto our driveway and yawning as I reached for the spade! I won’t bore you with the details of all the work we have to do (though I was so pleased to find out in a previous post that loads of you like gardening too!) as it isn’t the exciting part of gardening (planting seeds and growing veggies) but the less glamorous part that involves a wheelbarrow, 56 paving slabs and a whole lot of rubble.  Joy.

Luckily we had a break today as we went to Dorchester for Tom’s sister’s birthday barbecue.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and there’s definitely no better break from gardening than a burger and a glass of wine in the sunshine (not to mention a fairly ferocious game of swingball).  As I’d been in gardening clothes all weekend I wanted to wear something nice so I gave this Dorothy Perkins dress its first outing this year.  I’ve noticed my hair getting a bit more damaged lately so I’m trying to lay off the straighteners now and then; my hair is naturally wavy and falls into this strange bird’s nest-y shape that I’m currently trying to embrace instead of burning it every morning!

cardigan: boohoo | dress: dorothy perkins | wedges: office

Here are a few more snaps from this week – last night we had a big fire in the garden to try and get rid of some of the garden waste; I am part of the ‘throw a bit of wood in and run away like a girl’ school of burning stuff.  The middle bottom picture is a snap of how well I feel my bedside table sums me up at the moment; allotment journal, The Edible Garden, Oh Comely magazine, a book about shipwrecks and a big ol’ mug of peppermint tea.  These are things that make me happy!

Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends – has yours been a relaxing one or a ‘cram lots in and then flop on the sofa on Sunday night’ kind of weekend like mine?