The great garden project – unveiled!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or has visited here recently will have witnessed me wittering on about ‘The Great Garden Project’ – a.k.a the project to turn the garden from a place full of weeds and old paving slabs to a place where we can sit and enjoy the sunshine and grow lots of flowers and veggies (not such a snappy title).  I wish we’d taken some ‘Before’ photos when we moved in really, because what you’re seeing in the photos below is nothing like when we first moved in.  When we moved in the weeds were about waist high across the whole garden and the borders either side were full of bushes and trees and so overgrown we didn’t even know how big the garden really was.  So it took a lot of work to even get it looking like this, which is what it looked like until a week ago when we started on it.

Last Saturday we started yanking up the paving slabs, pulling up weeds and laying gravel.  After a week of working on it every evening, several trips to the dump, one big fire and a trip to B&Q, it now looks like this… (Cyber drum roll please!)

What do you think? I am absolutely in love with it; its going to be such an awesome place to sit outside and entertain friends when it warms up a bit! There is still a lot to do (we need to paint the shed and the fences and get rid of all the paving slabs) but it was ready for its first entertaining yesterday when my family visited for a barbecue! Of course we toasted the garden with some bubbles and rolled out the bunting!

I can’t wait till the beds and the borders are full of flowers, it’s going to look so lovely! What do you think? I love it so much I keep going out and looking at it – do you do that when you’ve done something new in your house?