There is a tree as old as me

blazer: primark | t-shirt, skirt and waist belt: h&m | ankle boots: ebay | bag: ebay

For some reason I made this photo teeny-tiny so it is not the best way to show you my new pastel pink Primark blazer, which I love, and my new Zara-inspired faux leather tote bag which I also love, but there we go.  This bag was brought to me by FATE as I originally bought a different bag from the same seller before seeing Gem tweet about a similar one to this and getting major bag envy.  Anyway, it turns out they’d sold out of the one I originally bought so I picked this one instead and it’s perfect; just the right amount of room and it feels so sturdy and well made.  I wore this outfit to work last week and got lots of nice comments about my blazer, it makes me feel ready for Spring!

Talking of Spring, as it was the first day of Spring yesterday I thought I’d show you some snaps of all the growing going on in my house and garden.

Camelia in the garden

Digging in a raised bed

Rocket on the windowsill

Sweet pea growing

Sunflower growing

Please tell me I am not the only person under the age of 50 who gets excited about gardening? I’d love to know of some other bloggers who like growing things! We dug in a raised bed on Monday night and I’ve been germinating seeds like crazy ready for planting when the last frost has been and gone.  I know I mentioned it last year (and recently on Twitter) but I would absolutely love to have a blogger barbecue in the garden once we’ve redone it all – how brilliant would that be? Pimms in pitchers, cupcakes, burgers and bunting – now that’s my kind of party!

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine today – and don’t forget to enter my iPhone case giveaway in the previous post!