In a seaside town

I am currently sat in the craft room with the windows open listening to the birds singing outside with the sunshine streaming in – hasn’t the weather this weekend just been beautiful? We have had such a busy weekend so I apologise in advance if this post is a long one, I seem to have taken quite a few photos!

Yesterday morning we got up bright and early to have a nose around some of the vintage shops in Pokesdown.  We had a party to go to in the evening where the dress code was 1960’s or earlier and Tom wanted to procure himself some vintage braces and a bow tie to wear with his shirt and trousers.  I also bought a dress in What Alice Found, before heading over to the Tattoo Parlour Cafe for a cup of tea.  The Tattoo Parlour Cafe is where we’re heading for lunch at the Bournemouth Blogger Meet so obviously I had to do some quality checking of their menu too (and boy does it look good!)

When we got back we took the dog for a long walk in the sunshine.  We are really lucky that we are surrounded by lots of woods and great walks so we didn’t have to stray too far to give him a good run around and enjoy the weather.

When we got back the weather was too good to be able to get out of doing the gardening we’ve been doing for ages so we got stuck into weeding and digging up all the soil so it’s ready for us to start planting things again in a month or two.  I know gardening might sound boring to a lot of you but there is nothing like having a garden full of blooming flowers and tasty vegetables when the summer rolls around.  Can’t wait for those summer barbecues too!

In the evening we got ready for the vintage party.  I want to go for a 60’s look so I styled my hair into a beehive, which was so easy.  I’d been using wadding/stuffing to stuff a felt hanging heart in the afternoon so I used a lump of wadding, back-combed the life out of my hair and then pinned it all around it and unloaded half a can of hairspray onto it.  It took about ten minutes! What do you think?

The party was absolutely brilliant, with bunting strung all over the house, a spread of British finger foods (cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, cheese and pineapple on sticks and lots of cupcakes!), a cocktail menu and even a vintage games room – I won at billiards! Here is Tom taking a shot…

And here is me and the birthday girl…

Today we dragged the dog out for another long walk, this time to Hengistbury Head, a few miles from where we live.  We walked for a couple of hours and I was pretty tired in the end; so nice to get out in the sunshine though, it almost felt like we were abroad strolling along in my cardigan and seeing everyone on the beach.  

We then headed back home for more gardening and a big sort out of the craft room for me.  No rest for the wicked though as we are off out to a pub quiz tonight in a little pub in the forest.  I will be sleeping well tonight! Have you all been enjoying the sunshine this weekend?