Earl Grey cupcakes recipe

When you work in an office, tea is something of a rite of passage.  In fact, visitors into the office who refuse cups of tea are met with a mixture of horror and suspicion.  My hot drink of choice however is a steaming mug of green tea, which makes me a borderline social pariah (We are British! We drink builder’s tea!) but is just about acceptable enough for me not to be escorted from the building immediately.

These days, making a big ol’ mug of green tea is my first task when I arrive in the office in the morning, and then make, drink, repeat for the rest of the day until I go home.  So when Twinings contacted me recently about reviewing some of their green tea range I was straight down to my local Sainsbury’s furiously grabbing boxes from the shelves. My favourites are the green tea with ginger and the green tea with pomegranate.  I am also desperate to try the green tea with apple and pear, or pineapple and grapefruit, both of which I think will be very yummy served up in big glass pitchers as iced teas at barbecues when the weather warms up! You can see the rest of their range of green tea here.

My boyfriend Tom’s drink of choice however is a cup of Earl Grey.  As he has been working all this weekend I thought he deserved a treat so I grabbed him a box and whipped him up a batch of Earl Grey cupcakes.  You can find the recipe on Katiecakes blog here.  They work by stewing four teabags with a small amount of milk and adding it to the cake mixture at the end, and they were absolutely delicious.  Of course, if you’re enjoying afternoon tea and cakes it really should be done on vintage crockery….

If you’re a tea fanatic like me, you can sign up to the Twinings Facebook for offers, vouchers and competitions.

What’s your tea of choice?