DIY studded shorts | On being sew excited

Inspired by the gorgeous Kim, whose DIY short creations can be found in her shop here, I recently bought a pair of vintage Levi shorts with the intention of studding the life out of them and taking them up.  Here are the shorts before I got my hands on them…

I bought some studs on eBay and spent an evening sticking them in the pockets (whilst watching TV; I like to multi-task), and today I got my scissors out, cut the bottoms off and then took them up using the sewing machine.  Et voila!

I just took a quick photo before I put them on and I’ve realised the hemming looks all wonky; it isn’t in real life, promise! Again, this photo is not great but you can see what I wore with them today.  We are thinking of going to the pub after dinner so I’ve added the Boohoo boots to try and dress them up a bit.

cardigan: primark | shirt: jack wills | belt: h&m | boots: boohoo

It’s been nice getting the sewing machine out today and seeing the craft room littered with threads and scraps of fabric again.  I bought a bundle from Fabric Rehab last year and I sorted through all the bits today, I have some lovely fabrics with vintage-y teacup designs, shabby florals and even one with little tug boats on.  Unfortunately my sewing ability limits me to cushion covers and taking up clothes but I want to try some new things so I’ve been leafing through my Kirsty Allsop Craft book this evening looking for inspiration.  I’m hoping I can stretch to a hanging heart as my friend is having a vintage tea party tomorrow and I’d love to take her along one as a present, along with a homemade teacup candle of course! The attire for the party is pre-1960s so I’ve bought a couple of 1940’s dresses from eBay and I’m also going to have a nose around the vintage shops in Pokesdown tomorrow.

Hope you all have lovely weekends planned; along with my craftiness today I will further be ensuring my hands do not get idle by digging up the garden tomorrow; the seeds we have on windowsills and in the germinarium are going crazy so time to get the soil ready for planting them out.  How exciting that in a few months time we’ll be able to start eating them all; nothing like the feeling of foraging in your garden for your dinner!