I must go down to the seas again

When I was lying in bed yesterday morning I was thinking about how easy it is, in the winter, to fall into that trap of becoming a bit of a hermit.  Because of my assignment I’ve spent the last three weekends holed up in my pajamas only breaking from bashing away at the keyboard to make a cup of tea, tackle some of my giant pile of ironing or do some sneaky internet shopping.

This weekend was one of the first free weekends I’ve had in ages (and one of the first with my other half now he’s moved jobs) and so when we woke up on Sunday, what did we do? Well, we slobbed around in our pajamas for the first hour or so watching Top Gear and eating breakfast. I’m pretty sure we would have done this all day if I hadn’t forced myself into my hat and coat and dragged Bodhi and the boyfriend out the door. My weekdays have been even more uninspiring; I bought a Five Year Diary with some Christmas money and I’ve lost count of the amount of days I’ve had to try hard to not end up writing ‘Work, bath, bed’ in every entry.  Now, don’t get me wrong, coming home from work, slipping on my fleece lined slippers and taking a book into the bathroom to read whilst enjoying a long bubble bath is pretty much my perfect evening (especially if you throw in a movie under a blanket, a glass of wine and a big ol’ bowl of pasta), but not every night right? I think you have to have a bit of excitement to balance out the laziness, otherwise 2013 will roll around and I’ll be sat in my onesie watching Twin Peaks episodes wondering why I haven’t crossed anything off my to do list!

Personally, I can’t wait for Summer to roll around so we can start getting out and about in the camper van again, having barbecues in the garden, camping in the forest and enjoying cold drinks on roof terraces.  In the meantime I am making a list of fun things to do when it’s cold or rainy outside.  Yesterday we took Bodhi for a walk to Hurst Castle (well, nearly, we turned back because it was so cold!) from Milford on Sea, and it was good to get out and get some fresh air!

When we came back we framed some photos and pictures we’d been meaning to for absolutely ages, ordered a rug and picked a sofa for the living room.  We’ve been majorly slacking off on the DIY front and a freezing cold day is a good day to start getting things sorted.  Can’t wait to show you the living room when it’s all finished! Here are a few instagrams from yesterday.

Our mantelpiece with lovely cards from Chloe, Ayden and Gem
I am so lucky to count these ladies as friends!

Our new Ikea frame of family photos

Framed prints from the spare room.  Prints from here.

Unfortunately I think I may have overdone it yesterday as I’ve been off sick from work today. Had a terrible headache last night and woke up feeling all bunged up and absolutely rotten.  Hope I’m not coming down with something, I have things to do!