This is quite a naughty post as I really, really should be working on my assignment, but I was having a break and reading blogs when I spotted the lovely Gem’s reply to a comment on her latest post that she uses Picasa to create collages of her photos and bam… instantly I lost an hour of my life to playing collage maker! I did not know you could do this! I had been meaning to share some Instagram photos with you for about a week as, when I can, I’ve been partaking in the #janphotoaday meme on Instagram where there is a different photo to take and tag for each day in January.  I’ve got a bit behind but hopefully you can spot some of the categories I’ve been snapping in my collage below.

Along with the photos I’ve been taking as part of the challenge I have been snapping some of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets we’ve had over the last week.  My commute takes me through the New Forest every morning so watching the sun rise (and set on my journey home) over all the trees, and watching mist rise from the fields has been a pretty spectacular sight.  Here are some of my favourites from the last week.

Laura at Only Half Dressed has also been snapping away at some sunrises not too far from me and you can see hers on her blog here.

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