I’ll let you see my wilder side

On Thursday we travelled to Seaham in Durham to visit my Grandma and go to my Grandad’s funeral. They had moved since we last travelled up there (which, in any case, was a long time ago) and so I’d never visited Seaham before and wasn’t expecting the beautiful coastal views we woke up to on Friday morning.  In between helping my Grandma with preparations for the funeral and meeting relatives we’d never met before we had a short walk along the beach and took some photographs from one of the coastal viewpoints.  In my efforts to get a better picture up on the clifftops however I climbed over a fence and on the way back over got my foot caught in the railing and twisted my knee so I have been hobbling around for the last couple of days! 

We travelled back yesterday (over six hours in the car in total once I’d driven back from my parents’ – thank god for iPods) and I was so exhausted I opted for a bath with a Lush bath bomb (to soothe my ouchie knee), dinner and an early night.  

Today I have been on a long walk with the dog and am just starting to try and get to grips with my major assignment for the management qualification I’m studying for.  I’m only a quarter of the way through and the deadline is the end of the month so I’m hoping I can cram a lot more in over the next couple of weeks.  I am one of those people that can’t concentrate if there’s mess however, so today I also decided to tackle the sort out of the craft room/study that has been long overdue, doesn’t it look nice and neat now? For any new followers of mine, the ‘craft room’ is a room at the front of our house that my other half tends to refer to as ‘Rosie’s room’ and it’s where all my books and pretty things live! Bodhi has taken to going and looking in there first whenever he wants to find me as it’s where I spend a lot of my time! The last photo is of him pinching my desk chair…

I have felt a bit out of the loop with blogging over the last week or so, I get so frustrated when my schedule doesn’t allow me to post or read blogs as it’s really important that, since it’s really my main hobby, I make time for myself to do it.  Over the next few days I want to add my 2012 to do list to my ‘pages’ and start recording the books I’m reading and films I’m watching as part of my little targets.  Back to the assignment now though for me – hope you’re all having more exciting weekends than I am!