I float just like a bubble, heading for a spike

As usual I’ve had a super busy few days and have another busy few ahead of me.  On Thursday night Tom and I went out to the Boathouse in Christchurch for dinner, which is a lovely little restaurant on the Quay. They do buy one get one free pizzas and cocktails on Thursday nights so I had a yummy goats cheese and asparagus pizza washed down with a couple of Cosmopolitans! We haven’t been out in ages so I had a mild panic when I got in from work and realised I had to get changed fairly quickly as I could not think of what to wear.  Only took a quick (and very poor due to bad light!) photo of my outfit, mainly to show off my amazing new leopard shoe boots from eBay, a bargain at £15, though virtually impossible to walk in!

Last night I went to Wagamamas in Bournemouth with some friends, stuffed myself with Yaki Udon and then we went to a couple of pubs (there were shots but luckily I don’t feel too bad today!) Today I have more on my management assignment to do so I rode my bike into town this morning to blast away the cobwebs and pick up a birthday card for my good friend Nicole whose birthday it is today.  We are celebrating with Dominos and a DVD!

This is what I wore for my little bike ride; I wouldn’t normally take a photo of such a boring outfit but I wanted to show off my new Me and Zena pencil necklace – Tom bought me the bangle for Christmas but it was too big and fell off my wrist so we swapped it for the necklace.  It is so cute and quirky, I love it!

I do also have some exciting news; I was contacted last week to see if I would be interested in trying the Jenny Craig diet plan for a couple of weeks and blogging about how I get on with it.  My answer was a definite yes – like most people I’ve put on a few pounds over the festive period and I’m desperate to lose some weight and start eating healthier and getting fitter.  I’ve been following Charlene’s progress with Jenny Craig over on Where Are My Knees and can’t wait to try it myself; one of their consultants phoned me this morning and ran through with me all of their meals (which actually sound really yummy) and how it all works.  I’m also going to start my running program as soon as my knee feels a bit better so I’m hoping that the combination of eating their healthy meals and getting more active will really kickstart my weight loss.  Do any of you have diet/fitness related New Year’s Resolutions? How are you getting on?