Review of 2011 and goals for 2012

[credit: tumblr]

I can’t believe it’s 2012 already.  This time last year I was viewing houses with Tom, having accepted an offer on my flat in Southampton, still, then, a few months away from our year anniversary.  Now we own a house and a little fluffy white dog, have been on countless trips away and have done sufficient work with paintbrushes and wallpaper steamers that our house is on the way to being the cosy home we dreamt of.

In 2011 I visited Cornwall four times, went to four weddings (and a funeral), spent a week in Fuerteventura, went to two blogger meet-ups [1,2], spent a week in a cottage in Wales, started studying for a management qualification, was picked to take part in a Lomography photography competition, started helping My Street Chic with their Southampton section and did a whole lot of baking, eating out and sending letters and packages.

I didn’t cross off everything on my 2010 to do list, but that’s okay – one of the things I’ve decided this year is that I’m not going to give myself such a hard time if I don’t get things done.  It’s okay if things drop off the bottom sometimes.  I’ve started a new list on the front page of my new diary – it’s not finished yet and again this year I’ll add it as a page to the blog so I can cross things off and link when I’ve done things.  Please leave me links if you’re doing this too!

+ Read 25 books
+ Watch 25 films I haven’t seen before.
+ Go to a karate lesson.
+ Go to a boxing class.
+ Start a creative project.
+ Dedicate more time to the My Street Chic Southampton section.
+ Save £500.
+ Spend New Year’s Eve in a cottage with friends.
+ Get three films processed.
+ Go to Scotland to see Ayden – hopefully bring Chloe and Sophie along for the ride!
+ Try a new sport.
+ Make £200 on eBay.
+ Run more films through my LC-A.
+ Pass my Certificate in Management course.
+ Finish decorating the spare room.
+ Start my ‘happy notebook’ again
+ Redo the vegetable patch and put raised beds in
+ Blog more

What do you think so far? I also want to make an effort to relax more and do more of the things that make me happy.

Here are some highlights of 2011.

I also want to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the love and support you’ve shown me.  I have made some amazing friends on here and hope to meet more of you in person in 2012! Thank you for reading and for visiting my little corner of the interweb, you are all amazing!