Christmas 2011

I am in two minds about Christmas present posts.  On the one hand, I am interminably nosy and love seeing the goodies people got.  On the other hand, I can’t help feeling that we’re relegating Christmas to the impetus behind just another haul post – a pile of goodies brought home from the shops, albeit via someone else’s money rather than our own.  I like seeing a few select items people are cherishing this Christmas, but it has made me wince a little seeing photos (not just on here, but on Facebook, Instagram etc) of endless mountains of presents that must have cost hundreds upon hundreds of pounds.  I know it sounds a bit pious but when I arrived home from my parents’ last night and unloaded all of my presents, ferreted away Christmas money and looked around at our lovely house and all of the things we own I was struck by just how lucky I am.

Talking of how lucky I am, I had such an amazing Christmas with my family this year – it was so nice to relax at their house with fire blazing away, mulled wine, board games, amazing food, walks with the dog along the beach and lots of time spent in pajamas! Here are some photos of the last week.

Mummy having cuddles with Bodhi
Christmas dinner
Bodhi wearing his Santa hat

Christmas dinner
Lots of presents under the tree
Bodhi unwrapping a present

I got some absolutely lovely presents, including bunting handmade by my Mum (she made the felt as well as sewing it all together), some lovely jewellery and scarves, some brogues and the Kirsty Allsop Crafts book from Nicole.  Looking forward to a few days now of wearing my new pajamas and slippers, reading books and seeing more friends and family before going back to work.  Hope you all had lovely Christmases – I am dedicating this afternoon to catching up on all the blogs I’ve missed over the last few days!