A converted barn in the Wye Valley

Before we bought the puppy, Tom and I had planned to go on a cruise in the Autumn as we fancied going to the Dalmatian coast and have a friend who works for a cruise company who could have got us a good deal. However, in the end, we decided to blow the budget on buying Bodhi (and we’re so glad we did!) so we only had a small amount of money left for an October/November getaway.  We decided to book a cottage in sunny Wales through Wye Holiday Cottages, and we were over the moon when we arrived at this amazing place last night.  It is really too big for the two of us, and has three bedrooms, the most beautiful kitchen (which you can see below), underfloor heating, a wood burning stove and incredible views and walks all around the cottage.  (Incidentally, despite me telling everyone we were going to stay in a cottage in Wales I noticed on the map earlier we are about a mile from the border – hence the title).

On the way to the cottage last night we stocked up on some yummy foods and drinks (I have many varieties of cold cider chilling in the fridge!) and we’re planning four days of walks and exploring along with lots of reading, lazing on the comfy sofas by the fire and a few trips to the local pub! I’m also really hoping to meet up with the lovely Kim as she lives nearby.

This morning we went for a really, really long walk which culminated in us arriving at the pub near the end of the walk to find it was closed! After considering phoning a taxi I mustered all of my remaining energy and tramped back to the cottage (going via the village shop to pick up local cheeses, tea and sausages for lunch), and this evening will be spent watching films and drinking spiced apple and rhubarb cider. Bliss!

I would normally make the photos a little nicer in Photoshop but I only have my little netbook so they’ll have to go up as they are – sorry they are so massive!

The kitchen
View over the valley

View from the back door

Bodhi and Tom on a walk this morning

View from the back of the cottage

Wood burning stove