Laziness and snacks

Although I love days stomping around the forest, weekends away camping and having those days when you realise it’s only midday and you’ve already done loads, I also, in equal amounts, love days where you snuggle under a duvet, watch old movies, spend hours curled up with a good book and don’t get changed out of your pajamas all day.  I rarely have these days however, as they generally fill me with guilt – living in a three bedroom house there is always something that needs cleaning and tidying; not to mention the two assignments I’m supposed to be working on for my management qualification and the fact that the Autumnal sunshine and blue sky makes me feel like I should really be outside making the most of it.

However, this weekend is an on call weekend for me, which means I have to carry my work phone and pager with me and take out of hours press calls for the office I work in.  We have to be immediately ready to respond to calls and write press releases so I tend not to leave the house as sod’s law dictates that the moment you do you will inevitably hear that heart sinking ‘beeeeep beeeeep beeeeeep’ of the pager.  For this reason I quite like duty weekends, as it gives me a great excuse to have some ‘me time’ – long bubble bath soaks (although very frustrating when the pager then does go off and I launch out of the tub like a bubbly kraken from the deep), takeaway food (I have good reason, I can’t go to the supermarket, can I?), lots of trashy TV watching and box sets and a good dose of catching up on blogs.

I was well prepared this weekend and picked up a few snacks from the supermarket to get me through the weekend.  Well – that was my intention.  When I got to Sainsbury’s they had a whole section of stocking filler chocolate for a £1 so I ended up stocking up on quite a significant amount of sweets and chocolate.  I really hope at least some of it ends up in those woolly booties that hang from the fireplace and not all in my belly!

A weekend of lounging on the sofa reading blogs on my little netbook lends itself nicely to a quick digest of what I’ve been reading this week.

  • I haven’t just found a new blog to follow in The Pampered Sparrow, I feel like I’ve made a friend too – love yapping with her on Twitter about puppies and pies and her blog is great too, a great mix of baking, doggies, shopping and lovely photos!
  • Another awesome blog I’ve discovered recently is Katy’s blog Caught Up In Cake.  I love Katy’s outfits and her posts always make me smile.  She’s also the gorgeous Michelle’s blog of the week!
  • I found Lucky Jackson’s Make Something Everday project on The Clothes Horse blog.  Lucky is making hand embroidered pieces every day for a year and blogging her amazing creations, and they are just beautiful.
  • I adore Bianca’s blog (Goodnight Little Spoon) and seeing her blog some of her amazing mail art again really made me smile.
  • It’s no secret that I adore the beautiful lady that is Bee at Vivatramp but I especially love her travel journal post – her cute scribbles and even cuter drawings put a massive smile on my face! 

Hope you’re all having lovely weekends – I have run out of episodes of NY Ink to watch on BT Vision so I’m going to do a bit more eBaying and keep my fingers crossed my pager stays nice and quiet!