Trees are gonna lay the wedding table

Yesterday we went to East Horton Golf Club in Eastleigh to see one of my oldest friends, James, get married.  I find choosing dresses for weddings really difficult – I can always find dresses I like but then I end up questioning if they are ‘wedding-y’ enough – which is what I did for quite some time with this dress from ASOS before finally settling on it.  It was such a lovely day and felt very special being able to see someone who I’ve known for so many years marry his girlfriend of many years.  There was much eating, drinking, dancing and catching up with old friends – such a nice day.

dress: ASOS | earrings and bracelet: topshop | heels: zara

Today we decided to go for a roast dinner in Burley – a lovely little village in the forest a few miles away from where we live.  I was pretty excited to have an excuse to wear my new boots, which I bought from ASOS a few weeks ago.  They seem to be a bit of a love/hate item, with some of my friends thinking they are awful, and others liking them! I also love this coat, I bought it from Boohoo a few weeks ago and I love the tweed collar and elbow patches.  I think it’s perfect for autumn when it’s still not quite cold enough to bring out my duffel coat!

boots: ASOS | jeans: tesco | t-shirt: zara | scarf: h&m | coat: boohoo

After our roast dinner we went for a long walk and bought some malteser’s fudge (nom!) from Burley Fudge Shop, then stopped off on the way home to buy yummy cheeses and tiger bread for dinner (excited to try balsamic onion cheddar and apple pie cheddar!) I am baking ‘mud-pie cupcakes’ for our cake sale for Macmillan’s coffee morning tomorrow so that, and X Factor, will keep me busy tonight! Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends too!