Dominos date night

Because Tom works shifts and I am a regular 9-5er there are always a few nights every few days where I don’t get to see him.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not claiming ‘woe is me’ here – I have friends whose boyfriends/husbands are away for months at a time working or at sea, and I know a lot of you ladies on here are in long distance relationships.  If you live together I think it’s healthy to have time apart every so often – personally I use the nights when Tom is away to have some ‘me time’ – I read blogs, have long baths, paint my nails, read trashy magazines, and so on.  Nonetheless, even when Tom is here and in the house it’s easy to end up doing separate things – with him watching TV (unfortunately ‘Robson Green extreme fishing’ does not float my boat) and me in the study on the computer.  So, to combat this, we try and have ‘date nights‘ every so often where the computer gets turned off, phones get put to one side and we spend some quality time together.  This can be anything from going out for a meal or to the cinema, to cooking dinner for each other, to just staying in and getting takeaway (actually, as a general rule, it normally involves food – what can I say, I love to eat!)

Last night we decided to stay in and get takeaway pizza and watch True Grit.  Tom (bless him) put his favourite shirt and styled his hair for the occasion and we decided to order from the Dominos pizza menu as we had a voucher.  We never agree on what to have on a pizza (Tom usually orders ham and pineapple, and I think having fruit on a pizza is wrong) so we ordered a half and half pizza – yum! We didn’t get to watch the whole film unfortunately as Tom has to get up at 5 for work so he wanted an early night.

It was nice to spend some quality time together – I am on call with work this weekend so I probably won’t be able to get away from my pager unfortunately.  Do you have date nights? What do you get up to?

  • Receiving my September Glossybox and getting excited to try out the bits and bobs in it.  I’d like to do a post but there are so many other posts out there I’m sure you’ll have all seen the different combinations of items people got!
  • Coming home to a very domesticated boyfriend – this week Tom has made sloe gin from sloes he picked, green tomato chutney from tomatos in our garden, apple juice from apples in our garden, and tiger bread! 
  • Furiously ordering dresses from ASOS for a wedding I’m going to next weekend – still not sure I’ve found the right one!