Dog shaped news

Just a quick post today as, although I have a little bit of exciting news, the last few days have mainly been spent catching up with friends, baking for a charity cake sale and furiously internet shopping for dog beds, crates and toys! In case you didn’t pick up on that little clue, my news is that we are getting a dog on Sunday! It is something that Tom and I have been thinking about for a while as we have both had dogs in the past, and living in the Forest and both of us working different shifts (so there is almost always someone in the house), we think we’d be able to give a little doggy a pretty awesome home!

After a lot of research, we settled on a schnoodle (a schnauzer, poodle cross).  After a lot more research we chose a breeder, and on Sunday we get to pick up this little bundle of joy!  To say that Tom and I are excited would be an understatement – we can’t wait to bring him home and give him lots of cuddles! (These are the photos the breeder sent us).

I have bought a puppy training book and been downloading lots of Dog Whisperer episodes to get us started but it is all a bit new for us so if anyone has any tips please do let me know in the comments! (Or tweet me!) I think you can probably expect a lot of puppy pictures on Sunday/Monday so if you are not a dog lover you might want to look away then!

A few more snaps from the last few days…

Enjoying the sunshine with a glass of wine with a friend on the roof terrace at Revolution bar yesterday

Also Revolution bar – half price Mondays meant a friend and I ordered a lot of food!

Cooked ‘mud pie’ cupcakes for the Macmillan cake sale at work – they were so yum! (Yes I bought one back!)

A little package going off to my favourite Scottish person