As you can imagine, I did a little dance of joy when this package [first photo] arrived from Ayden yesterday. Full to the brim of gorgeous Cath Kidston goodies and with an awesome mix CD [second photo] popped in for good measure. I feel so lucky to call Ayden one of my friends and I’m overwhelmed by her kindness and generosity – I’m actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow so I can give my new CD a listen!

The third photo is my Glossybox, which also came on Friday. I won’t go into too much detail as there are millions of review posts but I thought I’d show you what I got – I’m a little jealous of the people who got the Neal and Wolf conditioner as I bought a bottle of L’Oréal oilixir oil earlier this week but will keep it in the cupboard ready for when that runs out.

I have a 25 mile commute to work and usually drive rather than taking the train so like to have music to listen to on the joruney. I haven’t bought a CD in years but I’m getting fed up of that radio interference noise you get on Spotify (you know that, dug, dugadug, dugadug noise?) so I decided to go old school and buy some new CDs.  Really looking forward to listening to these (saw Midlake at End of the Road festival and they were amazing) along with my new one from Ayden!

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll see I had a total fail with these cupcakes when I lost my icing bag and tried to use a carrier bag instead (yes, really!) It worked for one or two and then I gave up and used a spoon. They are probably my favourite cupcakes to make, they are ‘French Toast Cupcakes’ from my Eat Me cupcake recipe book. You can find the recipe online here. They taste just like French Toast!

The second photo is ‘lunchtime pizza bread’ which I’ve made for packed lunches next week. I got the recipe from ‘Your Home’ magazine – it’s really easy to make; you basically make it like a pizza and then roll the dough up into a loaf (I can share the recipe if anyone wants it). I’ve just tried a bit and it is delicious!

I thought I would share with you some beauty bits I’ve been loving this week.  I am a sucker for new products and I decided to get the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector after seeing it reviewed in several magazines. It’s essentially just a tinted moisturiser but I really like it, it goes on easily and makes my skin look nice and smooth. Again, I bought this L’Oréal oilixir oil after seeing it reviewed on a couple of blogs; I put a few blobs in my hair before and after washing and it makes my hair feel really soft. I got Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for Christmas and it’s my absolute favourite at the moment, smells so fresh and citrus-y. I bought this model’s own eyeshadow during their sale and it’s my new favourite – it’s really shimmer-y and makes my eyes look nice and bright! This KMS color vitality heat protection came in last month’s Glossybox and I’ve been using it on pre-blowdried hair and it makes it feel so soft! I bought Nars Orgasm Illuminator on a bit of a whim earlier this month – I never normally spend much on make-up but I really wanted to try it, and I do love it! I’ve been using this ELF face primer before applying the BB cream and I think it makes my skin look smoother; I picked it up on a whim during their last 50% off sale (they have another one on at the moment) and I’m glad I did.  Another Glossybox full size product from last month, the Daniel Sadler jumbo jet mascara – I’ve been using it as my previous one ran out and I might buy this one again in the future.

After seeing lots of people raving about ‘oh comely‘ magazine I had to give in and order a copy online last week.  I bought issue 4 online and in the meantime saw issue 6 in Lymington WHSmith’s so now I have two copies to peruse! I must say I absolutely adore it and am definitely treating myself to a subscription, it’s such a lovely, inspiring read.  I picked up ‘The Suspicions of Mr Whicher‘ in a charity shop last weekend but haven’t started it yet, looking forward to an early night and getting started on it tonight.

Phew, this has turned into a long post! Hopefully it didn’t make you conclude ‘tl;dr‘ (pinched off Ayden 🙂