Above the unconquered seas

I was excited to wake up this morning and see the sun shining so Tom and I went out for lunch and for a little walk.  We usually go for walks in the forest on the Sundays we have off together but I fancied something different today so we ventured out to Lymington.  Lymington is very pretty, with lots of nautical gift shops (sad as it is, I could spend a fortune in Nauticalia), ice cream shops and cute little cafes.  

You can see me yanking my hair around in the photo above – I’m really not liking my hair at the moment so I’m furiously trying to make it photo-ready, (ha!)  I have been trying to grow it for ages and it’s at that really awkward mid-length stage where it’s neither long nor short and I really don’t like it.  I am getting increasingly tempted to chop it all off – especially when I look at photos like this one – love.  (Of course, then there’s always photos like this one tugging me in the other direction!)

I found Oh Comely magazine in Lymington’s WHSmith’s so I’m off to have a flick through that over a cup of tea.  Then it’s back to the ‘tidying and cleaning’ grindstone – though I will be fitting in some time to catch up on last night’s X Factor! Hope you’re all having lovely Sundays.