South West Blogger Meet

L-R – Front row: Sian from My Street Chic , Leanne, Kate, Sammy, Kim, Lily, Gem, Laura, Me

Back row: Bee, Lyzi, Stephanie, Gina from My Street Chic.

Yesterday I went to Bristol to spend the day with some lovely ladies at the South West Blogger Meet.  I met the very lovely Laura (in the photo with me above) on the train at Christchurch after getting up at the un-godly hour of 6.45.  I hadn’t been worried that Laura and I would have enough to chat about to fill a three hour train journey, and I was right not to as Laura and I yapped away about crazy tea-drinking old ladies and the various bumps and scrapes of her long-suffering car!

We met the other ladies (bar Lyzi, who was strategically positioned at Cabot Circus but then ended up having no-one to meet as everyone came by train!)  One thing we clearly had in common right from the start was a desire to eat, and so we descended on Frankie and Benny’s (picking up Lyzi on the way) and stuffed ourselves with various yummy things from their lunch menu.  I was lucky enough to sit opposite Gem and Leanne and had so much fun finding out all about Gem’s love of David Tennant and Leanne’s wedding plans!

After scoffing our lunch we headed off for a mooch around the shops, hitting Primark, River Island, New Look, Topshop and H&M until we’d worn ourselves out and were in need of a well-deserved drink.  We headed to Start The Bus where we chatted and drank the afternoon away until it was time for our trains.

Bee had arranged for Gina and Sian from MyStreetChic to come and take our pictures, so they joined us for drinks and some outdoor snaps (avoiding the kebab shop and group of buskers!).  Was really interesting finding all about what they’re doing with their website, which is like a fashion community where you can upload photos and become a fashion ambassador for your city.  At 7pm, Laura and I kidnapped Kim and we all taxi-ed it to the station and headed home, but not before stocking up on snacks for the journey!

Leanne, Kate and Lyzi

All in all it was such a fun day, and I owe Lyzi and Bee a huge thanks for organising it all. Next time I will definitely be booking a hotel so I can stay out longer and get to know people a little better (I want to see hangovers that rival the ones generated by the Birmingham Blogger Meet ladies!).  There was no awkwardness at all and it just felt like meeting up with a group of friends (lucky, as that’s what most people told their friends and families they were doing, rather than saying ‘peoplez I know off the internetzz!’).  I really can’t get over the fact that it’s less than a year since I started my blog and I’m sat here writing about an awesome day with 11 lovely ladies I would never have met if I hadn’t clicked on that little orange ‘Create a blog’ button last August.  Already looking forward to the Christmas meetup, it can’t come soon enough!