Cornwall, wall art, and Alvin’s introduction

Although payday came and went in a flurry of Direct Debits and utility bills last week I have this month not kept to my usual routine of treating myself to a little something, (or a few small little somethings) then followed by not spending anything on myself for the rest of the month.  This is mainly because August is set to be an expensive month for me – with our weekend away this weekend, birthday meal out with friends next weekend, and Festibelly festival (shortly followed in September by End of the Road).

We do, however (and I know it’s very vulgar to talk about money, so apologies in advance) have a little pot of money for things for the house, which I delved into today to buy these two prints from maechevrette’s shop on Etsy.

I have been wanting to finish just one room in our house so I can tick it off and have somewhere I can go that’s been ‘done’, so I bought these in a step towards finishing our bedroom.  My Mum gave me a ‘top tip’ for styling the room, which was to take inspiration from an object in the room I really liked, and so I chose my much loved Ikea bedspread.  (You know how every range in Ikea has a ‘name’? The bedspread is labelled as Alvine, so we affectionately name it Alvin – as in… “Let’s get Alvin on the bed,” or “Where have you put Alvin?”)  Dorks, I know…

Anyway, I digress – so, since I took inspiration from Alvin I have been searching out some items that will bring the room together that fit with the same colour scheme, and these two pictures are just perfect.  Tom’s only rule when choosing the decor is ‘no flowers’ so I’ve decided to go with a nautical theme (as you’ve probably already gathered from the prints), which will also be present throughout the house.  Tom and I met on a sailing trip and both have a passion for all things sea-y so it kind of makes sense, especially since we live a short walk from the seaside ourselves.

Talking of the seaside, on Thursday we are setting off in Scarlett the VW Campervan for Cornwall for a long weekend away for my birthday.  We are staying in a lovely hotel in Mevagissey for three nights, but we couldn’t visit Cornwall in Scarlett without doing a little bit of camping so we’ll be spending our first night on a campsite in Fowey – barbecuing and drinking fruity ciders under the stars! There is something very special about piling all our belongings into the van and setting out on the open road, especially when the destination is Cornwall – not only where I’ll be celebrating my birthday, but where, 27 years ago, my Mum brought little me into the world!

I will leave you with a little snap I took in Daymer Bay in Cornwall a couple of years back.  Such a beautiful place.