I look like a dandelion, I feel like a wrecking ball

I had such a busy weekend this weekend; we crammed so much in that when I woke up on Sunday I thought it was Monday already (don’t you love that feeling when you realise you have a whole extra day!) On Friday night we went down to Weymouth to have dinner with two of Tom’s friends – they cooked an amazing three-course meal of parma ham and melon, chicken with tomato and olives (and roast potatoes!) and chocolate souffles and clotted cream for dessert.  As if that wasn’t enough, we woke up the next day and found a greasy spoon in Dorchester for a giant fry-up.  Yum!  On Saturday night Tom and I had a bit of a date night, with popcorn and a DVD (Duplicity – which we abandoned in the end as it was really boring – even countless shots of Clive Owen in a suit couldn’t maintain my attention!)

All the photos above are from Sunday – we woke up early and went to the garden centre, as you can see from my haul of goodies (some of which came from our brilliant 99p shop in town!).  We then went for a walk and an amazing lunch with my parents’, brother and brother’s girlfriend to celebrate my birthday, which is next weekend.  (Subliminal messaging, moi? Haha).  My parents’ bought me the pair of Hunter wellies you may have spotted in a previous post, along with a gorgeous playsuit from Accessorize (in the snap from my phone below) and a really nice underwear set (not pictured, you nosy lot! 🙂  The photo at the bottom is of me and my lovely Mummy before our pizzas came.  Take a moment to admire the fact that my roots have disappeared, all courtesy of Tom, who slathered peroxide on my hair on Saturday night with a Robert Dyas paintbrush!

After they left we got busy in the garden and planted loads more plants and flowers, and also started some seeds germinating in some seed trays in our little greenhouse. We now have tomatoes, potatoes, cabbages, carrots and rocket growing in the garden – exciting!

On a final note, I want to start sharing some of my favourite blog reads of the week on here – this week I have been….