Four day spare room project

When we moved into our house in May the spare bedroom was by far our least favourite room in the house. In theory it should have been the master bedroom but with textured walls, a grubby carbet, a horrid suite of pine furniture (with maroon paint behind it) we chose instead to shove all our junk in there and keep the door firmly shut. That is until earlier this week, when I offered to let one of my good friends come and stay for a couple of weeks before she emigrated to America.  In true Rosie style, we procrastinated until Wednesday when we went to Homebase and started stocking up on paint.  On Thursday we pulled up the carpet and started painting the walls, but with Tom working the nights and me working the days we had to wait until this weekend for the fun to really start – and so yesterday morning we cracked on with assembling some Ikea furniture, painting some other furniture and doing several coats of paint on the floorboards.

Without further ado, I bring you our new spare room….

Now my friend has arrived and we’ve assembled her (very fortunately white) Ikea bed, it looks even nicer.  Will post up some more photos at a later date.

I bought some Laura Ashley duck egg blue paint to try and make some things in the room a bit more matching and painted a table I bought at an auction a couple of months ago.  I got three tables for around £10 so here is my £3 table before, and with a new lick of paint.

Looks lovely huh? I am so proud of what we achieved in just a few days – it really shows how much you can achieve if you just put your mind to it!