Cheer up Tuesdays – Jennie

I am determined to keep my Cheer Up Tuesdays feature going and so I asked a handful of my favourite bloggy ladies recently if they’d like to be involved and was over the moon when Jennie replied.  Being a lover of all things nautical myself I was immediately drawn to Jennie’s blog when I very first started blogging and behind her gorgeous marine-themed layout is an absolutely lovely blog full of gorgeous photographs infused with an eclectic mix of beauty reviews, lovely jewellery, and one of my favourite features of all the blogs I read, Jennie’s brilliant Five Things I Love Fridays.  Not to mention her adorable rabbit Ralphie, whose appearances on Jennie’s blog alone make it worth a visit!  I think I’ve gushed enough; over to you Jennie…

1. For those readers that don’t already know you, tell us a little bit about yourself… 

Hi, I’m Jennie and I’m twenty two years old. I just moved into a cute white countryside cottage from a busy seaside tourist town with my mama and we’re in love with the peace and quiet! I have a miniature lop bunny rabbit named Ralphie who is the only bunny in the world that doesn’t like carrots and he lives in his own two storey mansion in my bedroom. I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful boyfriend who now only lives a few houses away down the hill after almost three years of living 200 miles apart and although I’m not sure what I want to do in the future, I’m excited to see where my path will take me!

2. Tell me five things that make you happy…

Watching Ralphie hop around excitedly and groom his ears so carefully!
Writing & receiving hand written letters in the post – I’d love to have a penpal!
Taking photographs.
Snuggling up under a blanket on cold rainy days.

3. If ever you do feel down, what song or songs do you put on to cheer yourself up?

As strange as this is, I’m not hugely into music anymore and the artists I do like to listen to aren’t renowned for happy songs at all. Regardless of that though, they still make me happy and on my current favourite playlist are bands like Nirvana and Zero 7 & singers like Sia and Adele.

4. What’s your happiest memory; a memory you think of that always makes you smile?

I’m not sure I’ve had a single stand out happiest moment just yet, I always think that in the future those will be my wedding day and the birth of my children, should I be lucky enough to have those things happen to me in my lifetime. I have been blessed to have many happy moments in my life so far including meeting my wonderful boyfriend against all the odds, celebrating many birthdays with my family & the first time that Ralphie, my bunny rabbit bounded up to me and hopped on to my chest for our first cuddle.

5. Describe your perfect day.

I’d wake up in the late morning, get dressed, grab the family and bundle everyone in the car for a cute little drive through the countryside, snapping photographs along the way, in search of a quaint little café for a yummy late breakfast/early lunch and a huge mug of hot chocolate. It’s be a sunny but chilly day, cold enough for a trench coat and boots but not snowy or rainy and the leaves would be golden in colour and just beginning to fall from the trees. Afterwards I’d pop into the local bakery to pick up something sweet for later & head home, perhaps popping into a few more shops along the way and coming across a super pretty dress for a bargain price! At home I’d change into comfy clothes and settle down for the afternoon with Ralphie and a good book before perhaps indulging in a short afternoon nap followed by a bubble bath. For dinner my boyfriend and I would nip into the city for sushi before coming home to the bakery treats I bought earlier in the day and snuggling down to watch a good film in front of the fire.

6. How do you maintain a positive outlook on life?

I wouldn’t say I’m a hugely positive person (one of the parts of my personality I’m not so thrilled with!) so I’m not really sure how to answer this question. I do however think that there’s always a bigger picture and if anything negative is happening in life then something positive is sure to come out of it at some point. Never dwell on the bad things because things absolutely will be okay in the end!