Autumn window shopping

I want to start this post by saying thank you to everyone who left me kind messages after my last post, either on here or on Twitter.  It means so much to me to have people’s support, and I’ve been so touched by the thoughtfulness I’ve been shown.

Yesterday we went to the Festibelly festival in the New Forest.  I’ll have some photos I’ll share later but since today has so far been all about pajamas, bubble baths, Chinese takeaway and online window shopping I thought I would share some of the items I’ve been lusting after from the comfort of my sofa this afternoon.  Where I work we receive our performance bonuses at the end of August and this is the first time I’ve been thinking of buying my Autumn wardrobe with a bit of mine (since the weather has been so bad I’m already in need of a new coat!) Flicking through the ASOS catalogue in the bath earlier gave me lots of inspiration for how I might spend my pennies, and I’ve also been nosing around the Boohoo website – their A/W range looks like it’s going to have some lovely stuff – in particular I love this tweed patch quilted coat.

I made a little photo mish-mash of some of the things I’ll be filling my basket with come payday – what do you think? Are you getting ready to splurge on your Autumn wardrobe too?

(The thumbnails at the bottom should take you to the items – it defaults to ASOS’s US site for some reason but you can change it at the top of the page once you click through).

Rosie autumn wishlist

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