Tomatoes and sailor dresses

Here are a few snaps from the last few days.  On Sunday Tom and I spent a few hours in the sunshine doing some more gardening – we planted the tomato plants his Mum very kindly grew for us, and potted some other plants we had (including some strawberries I’ve grown from seeds – I love growing things from seeds, it feels like such an achievement!)

The third snap is just before I went out with some lovely lady friends on Saturday night.  I haven’t got a proper photo of my outfit unfortunately, which is a shame as I love this cute sailor dress, and I think it looked nice teamed with some navy and white spotty wedges.

On Saturday I went to a piercer’s to be a big copycat and get a tragus piercing that Charlene had done recently and I loved, but they didn’t do it where I went so I got my rook done instead, and I absolutely love it (sorry Mum if you’re reading this!)

The final picture is a dinner that Tom cooked up for me on Sunday night – homemade burgers with mozzarella and avocado, and homemade wedges.  We ate this as part of the Sainsbury’s feed your family for £50 meal plans they’re doing at the moment – has anyone else been following these? We get our food delivered and you can get a week’s worth of shopping (breakfast, lunch and dinners) for £50 – the meal plans and recipes are all online.  We find it great, as since there’s only two of us (and the meal plan is for a family of four) we can do a week’s shop for around £30, and it’s all healthy, yummy food, and makes sure you get your five a day! This meal in particular was VERY yummy!

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