My bathroom, the beauty counter

I have never purported to be a beauty blogger, but when a friend commented the other day that my bathroom was beginning to look less like a bathroom, and more like a branch of Boots, it occurred to me that I might have something of interest to say on beauty and cosmetic products.  Not because I know anything at all about them, but because I tend to buy a fair amount of them, and I’d like to start including on here some reviews of what’s good, and what’s not.

Because it is still five days (yes, I’m counting) until payday, and so I haven’t bought anything new over the last few days, I thought it would be good to start off by telling you about some of my bathroom staples – the products I go back to buying again and again.

[001] Beyond Bronze – Fake Bake.  I have probably tried most of the fake tans out there that retail at under around £20.  I picked this up in Boots when there was an offer on and it’s the best one I’ve tried; doesn’t come out patchy and gives a really nice colour.  £12.99 and free shipping at Click Fragrance.

[002] Charles Worthington Front Row Rough and Tousled Salt Spray.  Tom and I go away in the campervan a lot, and whenever we’re staying somewhere without electricity (i.e. no hair straighteners!) I always take this along – a few spritzes into wet or dry hair and it makes my hair all wavy, and smelling amazing.  £4.19 at Boots

[003] Aussie Dual Personality Curl Definition and Soft Feel Serum. I bought this when I had extensions to stop my hair from getting dry but I still use it all the time – I keep it in my handbag and use it as a sort of moisturiser for my hair- dabbing a bit on whenever it needs a bit of TLC.  It makes my hair feel really soft and shiny, and, again, smells yummy! £4.69 at Boots

[004] Garnier Body Summer Body Moisturising Lotion.  I bought this in Sainsbury’s when it was on half price; it’s the best ‘moisturiser with a hint of tan’ I’ve tried.  I took it on holiday with me and used it as an aftersun, it’s really moisturising and made my skin feel lovely, and also filled in all my white bits! £4.44 and free delivery at Cheap Smells

[005] Lush Dream Cream. Lush’s best selling product – at £10.75 it might seem quite pricey but is definitely worth it – it makes my skin feel amazing and is reputed to help a myriad of skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis, and the big tub lasts ages. £10.75 at Lush

[006] Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment.  My hair grows pretty fast anyway so I can’t comment on the growth boosting claims of this product.  But I use it as a conditioning treatment, and it definitely works well as that; it is so nourishing and makes my hair feels so silky and shiny.  It is quite expensive but Boots always seem to have 3 for 2 offers on lately so if you can pick it up as part of one of them it is definitely worth the money.  £7.99 at Boots

Do you use any of these products? If not, what’s the product you always go back to?