Like limbs in procession

After a stressful day at work (and there have been more than a few over the last week or so), my default mode is to come home, sink into a deep bubble bath, get my PJs on and hide under my wonderful duck down duvet until morning.  But Tom has been trying to convince me that what I really need is a bracing walk to blow the cobwebs away – especially since we have the sea, and the forest so close to our house.  Although it feels more like Autumn or Winter at the moment, we have taken advantage of the few evenings of sunshine and gone out walking, and I must admit, it was really nice.  The bottom photograph was taken at Barton-On-Sea.  We walked along the clifftops and then down onto the beach and there were loads of cut roses that had washed up onto the shore.  Tom thought it was probably from a burial at sea and that perhaps the local lifeboat had taken them out.  

The top photograph is a place called St. Catherine’s Hill, a little way from where we live.  We walked up to a lookout point where you can see almost all of the New Forest (and the Needles, as you can see from the photo).  Does anyone else find walking (or the sea) cathartic after a hard day – or are you a ‘hide under the duvet’ person like me?

In the spirit of my previous comment about the weather preventing us from any more ventures out over the last few days, I absolutely loved Bee’s post today; a list of favourite things to do on a rainy day.  The lovely Erin has also featured a story I submitted to her Folklore Friday feature today on her blog – thanks Erin!