After we danced to the shipping forecast

After an incredibly hectic week at work last week, and then a weekend of being ‘on call’ for work where I clocked up even more hours, I have been making the most of the last couple of days by having some relaxing time, along with actually getting out of the house and remembering what fresh air and daylight is like! Here are a few snaps of the last few days.

[001] The first photo is a screenshot of my trawling of Google Maps earlier trying to find a field I saw from the train.  I am increasingly enjoying my train journeys home from work, especially when I get to glimpse a field full of deer with a rickety old abandoned shed in the middle of it.  I resolved to go and photograph it – only problem is I can’t exactly remember where it was (hence the Googling!)

[002]  Bought a new iPhone case as my old one was a bit battered.

[003]  A bowl full of sour skittles.  Ate the whole bag.  Gave myself a tummyache.

[004]  Pancake hamster just having a nose around.

[005]  A little snap of a rare blue sky over the apple tree in our garden.

[006]  It’s my birthday on the 7th August and I asked my parents’ for a pair of Hunter wellies.  After spending an evening trawling the website for the cheapest pair (and worrying about some negative reviews on Amazon), Eloise very helpfully pointed out that some people had seen them in TK Maxx recently for bargain prices – cue me hotfooting it up to town today and snapping up a pair for £39.99 – my size and the colour I wanted! When does that ever happen? I now have to tuck them away until my birthday!

[007]  Joy of joys a gang of my least favourite animals have made a nest in our front garden.  Yes that is a massive wasp’s nest.

Tonight we went for a walk in the New Forest and trogged up to the top of a hill to watch the sun start to set over the forest – we found an amazing viewpoint and you could even see as far as The Needles.  I will save those photos for another day.

On a final note, I have been listening to Dry The River non-stop the last 24 hours, I highly recommend you check them out, their music is beautiful. There is a little clip below, or you can check out a Spotify playlist I made of some of their stuff here.

Dry the River – “No Rest” (Sample) by Dry the River

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