You look like a cool drink

Had such a fun weekend this weekend – we spent Saturday afternoon and today at my parents’ house celebrating my brother’s 22nd birthday.  Wasn’t it a scorcher today? Did everyone else enjoy the sunshine?

We had a huge barbecue this afternoon, the pièce de résistance of which was ‘beer can chicken’ – basically you roast a whole chicken with a half empty, open beer can up it’s *ahem* – and then the chicken comes out all succulent and tender! (You can see from the pictures).  There were also ice creams at the beach (my Dad had the biggest ice cream I’ve ever seen!), games of jump scatch (who else loves scatch? It is basically the best game ever invented!) and lots of sparkling rosé and real ales.  The real ales were a present for my Tom, for his birthday last week – the running joke was that he already has a ‘Cornish blonde’ – me!

Below is a panorama I took of my parents’ garden this afternoon using Photosynth (free app) on my iPhone. If you click on it you can drag and spin it round to view the whole panorama (it doesn’t take you away from the page).  It’s such a good app!