My week in pictures






[1] On Monday I had a pretty rubbish day at work, and though I didn’t tell Tom, he came home with these anyway – he said he could tell by my voice on the phone I was fed up, and wanted to cheer me up!

[2] and [3] Got my hair did on Wednesday – it has a bit of style to it now rather than being a big ol’ birds nest of hair! I am really liking the colour even more now too, can’t believe I paid attention to all those hairdressers over the years who told me not to bleach my hair; especially as it still feels in really nice condition!

[4] I have to hand in my first assignment for my year-long management course next week so I’ve been reading lots of management books on the train.  This one (Who Moved My Cheese) is about change management, but the pictures I can really get on board with. Cheese definitely makes me happy!

[5] Whatsapp is one of my favourite iPhone apps and is perfect for whiling away the train journey on the way to work – on this occasion by compiling the party playlist for Friday night via playing ‘guess the lyric!’ – any takers?

[6] and [7] Our Friday night ‘soiree’ was originally a leaving party for a work friend, that turned into a ‘we’re staying!’ party as they changed their mind! I had to bring a dessert so I made Oreo cupcakes – complete with an Oreo in the bottom of the cake, mixed into the cake batter and Oreo icing (with an Oreo on top!) They were very yummy!

[8] Unfortunately this is the only photo I took at the party (and possibly the reason why!) Tastes like melted down Wham! bars and is very alcoholic.

[9] Made a visit to Toby Carvery – I was very unimpressed; by the time the food got back to our table it was all freezing cold!

[10] We were supposed to be going to a birthday barbecue for Tom today with his family (as we are off on our holidays on his actual birthday) but it has been rained off in favour of lunch out somewhere indoors!