Back in Blighty

We got back from sunny Fuerteventura late last night – had such a brilliant time. In a funny way though, I’m glad to be home – I start to miss home after about a week and look forward to coming back and sleeping in my own bed and seeing Pancake hamster! The last few days we were there the temperature was up in the late 30s (it was 41 degrees one day), and whilst I love nothing more than lounging around in the sun, the hotel room only had a ceiling fan and no air conditioning so it was almost impossible to sleep at night.  Other than that the hotel was great – we paid for ‘all inclusive’ so all our drinks and food were included.  Funny how by the third or fourth day though you don’t want to look at a full cooked breakfast ever again! I didn’t get bored of the sangria though – nothing like an ice cold sangria in the sunshine! Apart from reading all the books I took with me (I had to buy another for the plane home!) and doing lots of lazing by the pool, we ate at some yummy restaurants and I tried surfing again one day.  I nearly got up to standing several times – it’s only my second try (my first really as I had to come back in the first time due to my hands and feet swelling up!) and enjoyed it so much more than in the freezing rain at Polzeath (give me bathwater-esque sea temperatures any day!)

Needless to say that even after 12 hours of being back my tan has almost completely faded (I am convinced it is something to do with being on a plane – plane air just zaps your tan!) and it almost feels like I never went at all! I’ve put a few photos down below – just do the scroll-y scroll-y if you don’t want to see them all!

By the way, the parrot in the sixth picture (whom we named Norris), was one of a group of five or six that lived in the tree opposite our balcony and visited us every day – they were so tame they would eat out of your hand!