Peach plum pear

I always have a feeling of frustration (and a little bit of guilt!) when I sit down to write a blog post and realise it’s a week since I last posted. I keep having these ideas for blog posts floating around my head, but I keep finding it really difficult to find the time to sit in front of the computer and get them on here! I am going to try and make some more time for blogging though, as I’d like to focus my posts a bit more – I do worry you guys are going to get bored of all the photo catchup posts I seem to do!

It has been a bit of a barbecue-orama over the last couple of weeks, in a way I’m glad the weather hasn’t been so great this weekend as I’m not sure I want to look at another sausage for a little while! Having said that, the novelty still hasn’t worn off of coming home from work on a sunny day and being able to sit out in the garden.  Especially when this is waiting for me! (Thanks Tom!)

One of the reasons I haven’t been as regular a blogger as I’d like recently is that I’m desperately trying to make some small changes to the rooms in the house that are ‘nearly done’ – rather than having nothing that’s anywhere near finished.  I am nowhere near being able to share a proper ‘photo tour’ on here (unless there are any cardboard box enthusiasts out there you will be sorely disappointed) but I do now have a few places in the house that feel homely – I thought I would share some of these on here.

The craft room/study is probably the most together room in the house, and it feels like my little corner where I can hide if I ever feel like having some ‘me time’….

The lounge is also coming along nicely, I love the way my stack of old suitcases looks against the old floorboards…

We were having a conversation about fudge in the office this week – what’s your favourite? Mine is butter tablet (the really sugary, crumbly type) so I whipped up a batch, not thinking that they would be not only impossible to resist nibbling at, but completely at odds with my attempts to lose weight.  Sorry Jillian Michaels!

A couple of weeks ago I sent off a little package to the lovely Ayden at Little Blog Of Horrors with a CD and some sweet treats in it, and this week she sent me back an awesome mix CD, cute card and this a-mazing brooch – isn’t it adorable? When I started my blog last year I was just looking for an outlet to post up some photos and read about other people’s adventures and daily lives.  I certainly didn’t bank on being able to strike up friendships with some lovely ladies who I’d love to meet up with ‘IRL’ one day – this makes me very happy!

This weekend I went home to visit my parents’.  My Gran has been very ill in hospital over the last few days so it felt like an important time to be with my family for a couple of days.  I took this quick snap (iPhoners, don’t you just love instagram?) of my brother when he got back from having a haircut – isn’t it weird when little sisters and brothers grow up? 

On a final note, one last thing that made me grin big this week was the awesome Gem at From Gem With Love’s post on blogging.  I take massive inspiration from the way Gemma is so honest and not afraid to say what she thinks – go and have a read.

Phew – well done if you read all the way down here!