Deck shoes, gardening and afternoon tea

A few things before I start this post – firstly, a big thanks to the lovely Michelle for featuring my last post in her  week in photos today. Actually, I say my last post – it is the last post you can see on here but Blogger actually deleted my last post during the hiccups it had on Friday. So, new followers (hi!) you are going to have to imagine some photos of a jaunt in the New Forest last weekend as they have now gone, (possibly) never to return! Secondly, very excitingly I woke up this morning to a new little blog milestone for me, I now have over 300 followers! I’m going to do a little giveaway to say thankyou to you all for being so darned lovely, and for reading all the guff I stick up here – so look out for that over the next couple of weeks.

This weekend has been quite a busy one, although not as busy as I’d have liked due to still struggling with this god-awful cold I’ve had for a week now. Yesterday was spent (get ready to be jealous) digging the garden – when we moved in it was totally overgrown so it’s a big project trying to cut down all the trees and bushes and get rid of all the weeds. It’s lucky I’m not scared of spiders as I saw a lot of eight-legged insects out there yesterday! Today we planted the first few things in the garden since we bought the house – you can see them in the top right picture.  We also discovered that the garden centre does afternoon tea (yum) so treated ourselves to a plate of sandwiches and cakes.

Yesterday was also a year since Tom and I started dating, so we celebrated our anniversary with a very yummy dinner in the evening.  We met last year on a sailing training exercise with work (you can see a photo of both of us there below!) and have been inseparable ever since, buying our first house together in March. Some people might think this is moving too fast, but I still stand by the fact that when you know, you know.

In the second line of photos above you will see that I finally ended the search for the perfect deck shoes with this gorgeous pair of Sperry Topsiders found on Etsy.  I am currently refusing to take them off – they are so comfy!

Finally, I couldn’t do as much gardening today as I felt too poorly, so I launched into an indoor project instead, and made a blind for the front window of our house.  What do you think? I love this range of Ikea stripy fabric and can’t wait to make more things out of it!