Barbecues, ice creams, cider and Dallas Green

I really have had the best Bank Holiday weekend this weekend.  It has been full of lovely things like ice creams, barbecues, car boot sales, friends, family, cider and blackcurrant and pub lunches.  I wish every weekend was like this! I am lucky enough to have taken the three days off in between the two weekends too, so rather than hauling my pub food filled belly and t-shirt suntan into the office I have a busy day planned of EBaying, blogging and designing some postcards for my Mum’s vintage website.

From the [01] first photo you will be able to see that I dyed my hair blonde(r) this weekend.  I have always wanted white blonde hair and tried to achieve the effect with lots of full heads of highlights, but this weekend I thought ‘stuff it’ and bought a box of Live Colour XXL in Platinum and went for it.  I wasn’t completely reckless though as I asked my brother’s hairdresser girlfriend to put it on for me.  (In return I made her up a little box of goodies including nail varnishes and Lindt choccy bunnies! [02]).  It has come out great, although there is still a little bit of yellow in it – I have a big ol’ bottle of silver shampoo that should hopefully rid me of this!

I went to a barbecue at my parents’ on Saturday and had such a brilliant time.  Their garden is just lovely [03 and 04] and perfect for lolling in a deckchair in the sunshine with a white wine.  We had a very yummy barbecue with all manner of amazing foods (prawn skewers, chicken stuffed with mozzarella, and homemade barbecue sauce!) In the morning we went off to a car boot sale and I bought the loveliest enamel jug and antique wooden box – I will save these for another post.  Then Tom and I went off to sit in a beer garden with my brother and his girlfriend all afternoon – cider and blackcurrant tastes better in the sunshine!

Yesterday was another a-mazing day, as Tom and I went off to see City and Colour at the Royal Albert Hall. If you haven’t heard of City and Colour, it is the solo project of Dallas Green, who makes lovely, heartfelt, folk-y, acoustic music.  We went up to London on the coach, had lunch in The Diner in Soho and then went on to the Royal Albert Hall [05 and 06].  The gig was absolutely amazing, and definitely one of the best I’ve ever been to.  Dallas did a lovely cover of Adele’s ‘Hometown Glory’ – I’ve put a video I took of half of it at the end of the post.

Hope you all have had similarly wonderful weekends and stuffed yourself with Easter eggs and ice cream!






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